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BBC Capital – When Your Online Personality Works Against You

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If Irish poet Brendan Behan were still alive today, he might want to amend his oft-quoted words, “There’s no such thing as bad publicity, except your own obituary.” These days, he’d surely need to add ‘inappropriate Facebook posts’ immediately after ‘obituary’. With the explosion of social media, job seekers are unintentionally showing their true colours more than ever. In some …

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BBC – Standing Out When Your Name Is John Smith

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Distinguishing yourself online is critical to a successful job search and future, career experts say. But what if your name is, say, John Smith? Standing out on the web is a lot harder when you have a common name. “Google is just a search engine, searching for your name or your ‘real estate’ online,” wrote Ireland-based branding expert Ted Clohosey. …